Wireless localisation & tags

The new Televic healthcare communication platform uses state-of-the-art and patented technologies to supplement an emergency call with information about the location. This applies both to calls from the patient and to assistance or aggression calls from the care provider.


Wireless nurse call

A call is initiated by simply pressing the button once. Cancelling or adjusting a call is done by bringing a caregiver tag close.

Real-time localisation

All communication with the central platform is done via a wireless tag. This is adjustable and wirelessly collects all location information within the building so that it can also be sent in case of an alarm.

Wireless tag

The tag is used for residents and patients as well as for staff. Depending on the license assigned to the tag, the function will be different.

Smart alarming and localisation

The healthcare communication platform offers the following benefits:

  • Accurate location determination indoors
  • Wireless adjustment of a call
  • Aggression alarm or panic alarm for the nurses
  • Identification of the patient or resident and the nurse or caregiver
  • Logging of all actions and histories
  • Rechargeable tags


Accurate location determination indoors:
using a unique technology it is possible to reliably locate people at all times down to room level. This patented technology was specifically developed for the healthcare sector.

Adjusting a call on the spot:
tags enable you to make a call from anywhere within range. An alarm can be cancelled when one of the nursing/healthcare staff places a tag near the patient’s or resident’s tag. In this way you are always certain that someone was at the location and you can identify who that was.

the system closely monitors all activities. Who, what, where and when is part of an easily readable reporting and analysis.

The new wireless care platform won the prestiges Health&Care Award at the Health&Care exhibition in Ghent. 
"This award represents a further confirmation of the high quality delivered by our teams. Winning this award inspires the entire company to continue inventing new ways to guarantee communication but also safety and comfort in care situations.”

Olivier Billiau, Sales & Marketing Director Televic Healthcare

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