Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Made by nurses, for nurses, to cope with the comprehensive requirements of the modern healthcare environment, AQURA offers solutions to the need of patient mobility and safety.


The AQURA Care Platform is a critical care communication platform for intramural accurate location determination. The system offers an answer to the rapidly evolving requirements for the safety and freedom of movement of the healthcare niche market.

Since accuracy and speed of reaction are of the highest importance, AQURA combines precise technologies and a wireless medium to determine the exact location and give vital information about someone in need.

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The AQURA Care Platform easily integrates with wandering detection, mobile alarm systems and wired nurse call systems, using validated connectors.


Televic Healthcare relies on more than 70 years of experience which results in innovative and reliable systems. AQURA combines 3 technologies to give accurate, real-time location updates.

Triple Technology

The patented triple technology which is used in the AQURA Care Platform ensures future-proof investments and a maximum of ROI. 


The AQURA Care Platform gives ease of mind to both residents and nurses, as well as family of the residents.

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Wireless Nurse Call

A call is initiated by simply pushing the button once. Cancelling or adjusting a call is done by bringing a caregiver tag close or by holding the button.

Real-time Location

All communication with the central platform is done via communicators. Wearables and wireless call units communicate via wireless technology with the R- or the RM-communicators. Alarms and updates are processed through the AQURA Flow module and displayed on signage screens or mobile devices. 

Wearable Tag

The tag is used for residents and patients as well as for staff. Depending on the license assigned to the tag, the function will be different.


Alarms and notifications are displayed on validated mobile devices. Depending on the device, location updates are included. The AQURA Signage Player will display all configured alarms of the coupled third-party systems.

Smart alarming and localisation

The healthcare communication platform offers the following benefits:

  • Accurate indoor location determination
  • Wireless adjustment of a call
  • Aggression alarm or panic alarm for the nurses
  • Identification of the patient or resident and the nurse or caregiver
  • Logging of all actions and history
  • Rechargeable tags

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