Axio iTec

The Axio i-Tec nurse call system uses innovative IP-technology in order to increase the comfort and safety of residents and patients, and helps caregivers to execute their tasks in a more efficient way.


Recognisable call units

Every call button is equipped with background lighting in order to make them easily seen even in the dark. Their recognisable shape avoids confusion with other switches, such as light switches.

Ergonomic waterproof push pears

Ergonomic push pear, with a big red call button and, if desired, extra control buttons for operating the lights and blinds. The pear is waterproof (IP68) and can easily be disinfected, through prolonged submersion in antibacterial solvents.

Room terminals

The room terminal displays the actual calls, can be used for intercom-communication with the patient, viewing and ticking scheduled care tasks, adding remarks, etc.

The system can perfectly match your campus- and building structure

  • IP-based : use existing infrastructure between buildings or floors within one building : IP-network, PC’s,switches, etc. 
  • Flexible grouping of rooms into wards, departments, e.t.c. The grouping is done by the system software,independent from any physical cabling.
  • Datarepeaters not only amplify signals and galvanically isolate different parts of the building, they also give you a huge flexibility in splitting up cabling on the different departments and floors. 
  • The intelligent room interface controls all room-functions autonomously and independently.
  • Every room interface recognises several locations within one room: up to 4 beds, 4 toilets, 4 chairs and the entrance door.

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