Wandering detection and prevention

Often it is necessary to protect your resident or patient against themselves.
A resident with running away and/or wandering behaviour is very focused on his or her goal.


Wandering detection

Using automated door controls, residents and patients can be denied access to zones where they are not allowed to be. This is with a view to the personal safety of the residents or patients while still offering maximum freedom of movement (as opposed to a sense of confinement).


When a resident or patient moves outside a safe zone, for example when leaving the ward, an alarm will be sent to the nurses’ mobile devices.
The resident’s location data is automatically updated on the mobile devices, according to the route the resident travels within the building.

Wandering prevention

A resident can, when detected by one of our smart communicators, initiate a series of intelligent actions.
This can be an alarm to the care providers with identification about the resident or the location information. 
In addition, the door lock can be activated automatically so that the resident or patient stays within the safe zone, without alarms being set off.

Maximum freedom of movement

Although  people who wander do not always react clearly, they are very creative in finding their way back to their familiar home or once familiar environment.
The Televic wandering detection platform is designed to keep residents indoors for their own safety. Or even within a certain ward.

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