Notifications & Alarm Distribution

The AQURA Flow and the AQURA Connectors make it possible to optimize workflows for nurses. The platform secures the information flow between nurse call systems and professional mobile devices for hospitals or nursing homes. 

  • AQURA Flow
  • AQURA Apps
  • AQURA Connectors

All alarms via one device.

Messages are usually sent via the WiFi network, high-quality speech is guaranteed by proven technologies: professional DECT telephones, WiFi devices or validated mobile phones.

AQURA offers 2 applications for displaying alarms:

  • AQURA Mobile App
  • AQURA Signage App

Direct contact

After a call on their device, a nurse or care-giver can talk with the resident or patient if there is an (i-Tec or interAxio) intercom system in the room.

User friendly interface.

Clear colors, call tones and icons provide the necessary priority and visibility of alarms.

All Actions Using One Professional Device

Increase the efficiency of your staff, both nurses and technical staff, with the AQURA Mobile Application. The user-friendly application for professional healthcare devices allows nurses and technical staff to receive alarms and interact with resident or patients, in no time.

AQURA Flow is there to deliver calls, alarms, video images and so much more, in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is the reliable way to deliver alarms to the right person of nurse call systems, but also fire detection systems, building management systems etc.

  • Alarm handling
  • Regime settings for day- and night shifts
  • Priority settings
  • Cascade of unanswered calls
  • Accept or reject incoming alarms
  • ...


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