Residential care center WZC Sint-Vincentius situated in Flanders has 6 residences for elderly people. It has a capacity of 108 beds.

Sint-Vincentius uses interAxio roomterminals to aid their residents better. Also the acces control system is placed in the residence. Due to the fact that some residents may have orientation problems, the nursing staff is alerted when someone goes off wandering around thanks to the wandering detection of Televic.


Facts & Figures

Construction Facts:

Client: Sint-Vincentius
Architect: Snoeck & Partners
Engineering office: Boydens
Beds: 108
Assistant homes: 6
Surface: 17.000 m²
Completion: 06/2014-03/2017

Nurse Call System Figures:

Platform: interAxio
Axio Mobility: 30 users
Integration: Wandering detection
  Acces control 

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