Shui Xian Hospital, Shanghai (CN)

Shanghai Ruici Shuixian Maternity Hospital, affiliated to Hong Kong-listed medical enterprise Ruici Medical Group, is a cooperative hospital of Red House Hospital.

The hospital covers an area of more than 10.000 m². The hospital has an obstetric, gynecological and medical grade monthly clubhouse with nearly 100 beds. 79 beds are provided with Axio-NAS (BUS) technology.

It meets the needs of women for high-end pregnancy experience and has a comfortable treatment environment.


Facts & Figures

Project details:

Client: 上海瑞慈水仙妇产医院
  Shui Xian Hospital  
Surface: 10.000 m²
Beds: 79
Completion: 05/2017


  Axio-NAS (BUS)