May 8, 2018

Televic Healthcare wins innovation award

Televic Healthcare wins prestigious Innovation award with localisation solution

Izegem, Belgium. 3 May 2018. Televic Healthcare won the Innovation award 2018 at the Health & Care exhibition in Ghent, Belgium last week. The jury awarded them the prize for their latest invention, the Televic Healthcare localization product.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the recognition for our latest innovation. It’s widely known that innovation is in the dna of Televic. All of our developments are driven by our mission to create and build innovative ánd sustainable high tech communication solutions.” Says Kurt Danneel, General Manager Televic Healthcare Solutions. “Thanks to the awarded product, we give patients and clients the freedom to walk around unsupervised. As the product contains functionality to raise an alarm when needed, communication and safety are guaranteed”.

Olivier Billiau, Sales & Marketing Director Televic Healthcare adds: “This award represents a further confirmation of the high quality delivered by our teams. Winning this award inspires the entire company to continue inventing new ways to guarantee communication but also safety and comfort in care situations.”

The Health & Care exhibition is an annual event that addresses the healthcare space in Belgium. At the exhibition last week Wednesday awards were granted in seven categories. In each of them there the audience and a jury selected a winner.


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