October 16, 2018

More flexibility in healthcare with IoT

What are our plans for the near future?! Read our full story about IoT in Healthcare environments here.

Research Project

Televic’s groundbreaking Azure-based IoT healthcare communication system gives patients the freedom and flexibility to move across healthcare facilities. This state-of-the-art technology sends emergency calls, with patient location information, to caregivers on their mobile devices, ensuring that alerts reach the right person, at the right time, with the right information.


Televic recognized that healthcare is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift from traditional room-based care to a more flexible care approach. Patients are increasingly moving between care facilities, such as nursing homes, service flats, hospitals, and private homes. Televic were looking for ways to provide a continuum of care between these settings.  

In order to speed up the development of their cloud-based IoT solution, they looked for a partner with expert knowledge in cloud solutions for healthcare. Upon Microsoft’s recommendation, Televic approached Codit – experts in cloud-based solutions and IoT – who took the lead to turn Televic’s vision into reality.


Watch the reference case with R&D Director John Ghesquière and a customer testimonial from the Director of our pilot project WZC De Zilverberg, Mr. Philippe Schollaert.


Televic and Codit are developing IoT devices – using Codit’s Nebulus™ IoT Gateway– that send alerts and the patient’s location to caregivers via an Azure cloud-based data platform. This signal then localizes the closest nurse or caregiver and sends an alert to their smartphone or monitoring system. The alert can then be turned off with a cloud-connected tag when the caregiver is in close proximity of the patient. 


The Televic and Codit teams are currently laying the groundwork in Belgium by shifting the wireless alarming and localization system from on-premises into the cloud.  Televic currently serves 80% of the hospitals and 60% of nursing homes in Belgium. The Belgium-based company is growing its client base as well elsewhere in Europe and in China. Their future roadmap also includes AI in preventative care and monitoring.


Go to the Codit website for the full article.