Navigating COVID-19 risks

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on an intense new reality within the Healthcare industry. At Televic Healthcare, our goal is help care teams navigate this new reality by providing solutions to minimize risk of infection while continuing to deliver high quality of care. Discover our solutions below.

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Enriched alarming to increase safety

Today, one of the top questions among healthcare teams is: “How can we provide care to COVID-19 patients but keep ourselves safe?”

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Keep COVID-19 contained

The healthcare world is facing a long-term effort to keep the virus contained. How will your facility adapt to this “new normal”?

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Contact tracing

Get insight into patient and staff contact and location to reduce risk of infection.

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Hand hygiene compliance

Proper hand washing is one of the most important measures against COVID-19. Get insight and improve your teams compliancy.

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Keep Quality of Care

Today, one of the top questions among healthcare teams is: “How can we provide care to COVID-19 patients but keep ourselves safe?” Many hospitals and elderly care facilities find themselves not being able to determine when direct contact with a patient is necessary or not. Precautions, like wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), are being taken but end up wasting time and resources.

Having access to information that could help avoid unnecessary contact with an infected patient can keep staff safe without sacrificing quality of care.

Enriched alarming is what separates AQURA from standard nursing call systems. This means alarms and alerts are totally customizable based on the needs of your team and patients. AQURA helps cut through the chaos of the work floor by consolidating alarms to one single device.

AQURA also has continuous monitoring capabilities and can be integrated seamlessly with wearable medical devices that measure the vital signs of your patient. Let AQURA gather this data from the devices and provide the meaningful information to the people that need to know it in two key ways:

  • Proactively: allow AQURA to monitor the patients’ vital signs, and when a worrisome trend arises, notify relevant members of staff.
  • Reactively: when a patient sends an alert, allow your team to not only see the alert, but also the real-time vital signs of the patient.

This helps your team make better choices faster, more accurately and, above all, safer.

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Gain confidence in how you contain COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis begins to reach its peak across different countries, the battle is far from over. The top priority will become a long-term effort to keep the virus contained, and ensuring those infecting with COVID-19 stay away from those who are not. How will your facility adapt to this “new normal”?

To prevent cross contamination, many facilities will be tasked to implement strict contamination/non-contamination zones. AQURA, our care platform with powerful localization technology will:

  • Define and continuously monitor zones
  • Localize staff or patients that could put zones at risk
  • Send contextual alerts to staff if zone is threatened
  • Automate preventative actions: like closing zone access doors

How does this work, in practice? If the non-contamination zone would be threatened, an alarm immediately notifies staff of the individual and their precise location. To further ensure these zones remain safe, preventative actions can be automated. For example, if a contaminated individual approaches the non-contaminated threshold, the access door can be shut and locked until action is made from alerted staff. AQURA will allow your team to monitor, manage and, above all, ensure the integrity of the zones stay intact.

We understand that adapting your facility in order to face these new challenges is no easy task. AQURA’s set-up is designed with simplicity and speed in mind: installation will not cause any infrastructural or time burdens.

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Contact tracing to protect staff and patients

Governments worldwide are leaning on contract tracing solutions as their "COVID-19 exit strategy” to protect people and get society back up and running. Enabling contract tracing within you facility can add an important proactive layer of protection to your team and patients.

AQURA, our care platform, can monitor potential exposure of COVID-19 in staff and patients. By using our localization technology capable of room level accuracy, AQURA can notify staff/management when a person came within direct contact with someone infected with COVID-19, and who was in contact with them since. To ensure you have a continuous overview, dashboards will visualize all close/direct contact an infected patient has had and the rooms they have been in.

This will help you to contain the spread of COVID-19 within your facility and, above all, keep everyone safe.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

In Healthcare, many aspects of the job functions of care staff are recorded to ensure high quality of care and to keep patients and staff safe. Typically, hand hygiene compliance is measured manually, though studies show this method to be expensive and ineffective. As the World Health Organization has defined proper hand hygiene as one of the essential measures against the spread of COVID-19, Televic can help you ensure compliance and give you visibility into all instances of hand washing in your facility.

With AQURA, our critical care platform, the monitoring of hand hygiene across all alcohol and soap dispensers within your facility can be enabled to give you reliable information on compliance, even with automatic alerts. This gives you the opportunity to address noncompliance immediately, which will reduce the spread of infection.

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